“Real BBQ is consistent. The food is always great, and the staff super friendly and helpful. Today, they proved themselves, again. The brisket, slaw, and beans were outstanding.

I have tried brisket, sausage, turkey, ribs, rib tips, and wonderful sides of slaw, beans, macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes, and potato salad, and have found every item delicious.

The friends and family I have introduced to Real have echoed my sentiments. While eating lunch last weekend, a couple came in based on a, ” TripAdvisor,” review. At lunch, today, I learned that they returned this week with friends. Looks like they enjoyed themselves.

Real BBQ and More is written up in the May-June 2015 issue of Louisiana Life Magazine in an article entitled, 18 Remarkable Restaurants Worth The Trip. I couldn’t agree more.”

“Being a Bar B Que lover, and having eaten this fine cuisine all over the south east, Real BBQ is hands down, the best in Shreveport Bossier, maybe in north Louisiana. Get the jalapeño bread Brisket sandwich -AMAZING!”
David T.

“Barbecue was excellent!! Cozy small mom and pop place with real good food! The owner sits and talks with you and makes you feel like your home ❤.”
Brett C.

“We shared the 3 meat plate with potato salad & beans. I could not pick a favorite between the brisket, ribs or sausage (the sausage is made from brisket, no pork). I had heard an interview with the owner on the radio just a week before and knew we needed to eat here when we traveled from Lafayette to Shreveport for the Bass Master Fishing Tournament. Would return in a heartbeat!!!”

“Tender, low and slow BBQ. Have had most things on the menu, all delicious. Today I went for it and ordered The Saint, a baked potato stuffed with double rib tips, sauce, and topped with a “crown” of mac and cheese. I managed to tackle about a third of it. Go for the food but the sweet, welcoming family that owns it will capture your return business.”
Angie White

“Get the brisket. Get the brisket. Get. the. brisket.
And then slather it with that tangy bbq sauce like you deserve it. Because you do.”

Bill Nash

“I cannot say enough great things about this place…BEST BBQ I have ever had!! And they are the friendliest, family friendly restaurant…our little one was crying and the owner told us they were family friendly, not to worry about her being fussy…we will definitely be back!!!”
Danielle Bellamy Bain

“Best BBQ I ever had. I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Will highly recommend Real BBQ and More.”
Richard Moreno

“Thank gawd for Yelp & reviews! This place was everything you could ask for at a BBQ place. 3 tacos (chicken, rib tips & brisket) were over-the-top delicious. I wish I could duplicate their Mac n Cheese! Already bookmarked if I’m ever back in town!”
Jeffrey Reses

“I’m thinking this just might be the very best BBQ ever!”
Cathy Zesch Howell

“Friendly staff, relaxing environment, timely service, and most of all, great food! Highly recommended.”
K.D. Tilmon

“What can I say, this place is the REAL DEAL. Probably the best BBQ in the city and for a far more reasonable price than “fancier joints”. The owner and his family are very friendly. Just a small , no frills, gem of a place with outstanding BBQ. I recommend the brisket sandwich on jalapeño bread or the brisket tacos. Anything really!”
Alan Martin

“The best BBQ in Louisiana and definitely in my top 3 of all BBQ places in USA. Friendly and welcoming owner and staff. Great prices with large servings. The brisket sausage is a Must! Followed closely by the ribs. If you only try 2 meats those are the 2 you must get. The turkey is the best smoked turkey I’ve had. I’m excited to try the chicken next time. Brisket is good with nice amount of smoke. All of the sides are tasty. My fav being the Mac n cheese as it is creamy and cheesy.”
Shelly P.

“My wife and I moved here after 26 years of Texas living. In that time we had become accustomed to a certain style of BBQ that we loved and simply tasted like home. When we moved to Louisiana for work, we thought we would have to just live without it. We tried a few places around town – chains mostly – and were uniformly let down.

Then we found Real BBQ.

As we stepped out of our car there was a strong smoker smell (think slow-cooked meats, not Marlboro) that we knew was a good sign. The smoker is in a well-ventilated room in the back that allows the intoxicating aroma to move into the parking lot.

We entered the comparatively small building which houses roughly 10 tables and appears to accommodate maybe 2 dozen people should they squeeze in. The owner/pit-master was sitting at the table nearest the door and welcomed us, and upon discovering we were new explained all the facets of the menu to us.

I walked up to the counter to order and ultimately opted for the rib-tips while my wife opted for a baked potato, fully loaded with brisket.

What happened next was as close to a homecoming as I’ve experienced. Our food came out – and we took a bite.

The rib tips were smoky, tender, delicious, and covered in a fantastic Texas-style barbecue sauce. The smoky flavor was obviously the result of a long period of time in a smoker, and not the result of some chemical flavorant. The sauce was tangy – though not sour like some sauces tend to be – but also not overly sweet like a more Memphis style barbecue. They were just like what I had hoped for at all those previous restaurants but had failed to find. My wife’s baked potato was massive and nicely cooked with tender brisket and all the expected potato fixings (sour cream, cheese, butter). Far too much food for her to finish in a single sitting.

The sides were also excellent – a whole ear of well-seasoned corn and a cup of creamy macaroni and cheese (my opinion of barbecue restaurants often takes into account their Mac N Cheese).

The food was great, the price was right, and there is no doubt in my mind I’ll be back to try every smoked offering they have.”
Patrick L.

“Another Shreveport gem! I have eaten here many times and it is on my “must have every time I’m in town” list.
Let me make this simple – if you are anywhere near East Texas or Shreveport… Be Here.”

Adam J. V.
Denton County, TX

“Some places are spectacular because they are just that one place. That there’s only, just the one. And to get there. To try this place, you can only go to the one. If you want whatever it is they got, well then, you gots to go there. No, not over yonder! There. There-There! You can’t go to another location in Duncanville, or the other in DeKalb, or Destrehan, or Des Moines, ’cause dang it! Dey ain’ dere!
So. To try Real BBQ, to go to the Real BBQ, to experience THE Real BBQ, the one and only, there is just the one, and it’s the only! This one. Right here. And only here. And no wheres else! And thank goodness for that!!
The rib tips, are the tip of the sun, culinarily speaking. They’re not, Captain Insane-O spicy or anything, they’re just top-shelf terrific!

And by comparison, the sliced brisket sandwich on a jalapeño cheese bun, is like walking the surface of the moon. It’s outer-space, outta sight good!!

So, I’m glad this place is here! I like it exactly where it is! I wouldn’t want it anywhere else. And I’m glad, and most proud, it’s just the one!

65/65 Yelp reviews. 100% 5 Stars. You’d better get in your car. Now.”
Billy Joe J.

“I’ve never posted anything on yelp, but this place is too good not to say something. Great BBQ. I mean really great. Try the brisket, turkey, sausage, and the stuffed baked potatoes – they were a hit too. And the beans – wow, smokey and just the right amount of sweet. We took our volleyball team there and the service was just like we were guests at someone’s home. Thanks to Papa and his family for the kind hospitality. Go here now!!”
Dawn E.
East Dallas, Dallas, TX

“We were on our way home to Dallas and we were hungry. With all the rave reviews on here, we knew we had to try it. It is a small place and is a family owned business. It is a casual, friendly place. We had the brisket, sausage and ribs. The brisket was moist, tender and full of flavor. The sausages were made from the brisket and they were leaner than your typical sausages. The ribs were also tender. My kids are picky eaters and they loved it. We had the macaroni and cheese, cole slaw and beans for sides. All were excellent !!! Clay, the owner, said that if we don’t like it we can get our money back. Uh, we certainly are not asking for our money back because we ate it all !!! BTW, we love Clay and we definitely stop by the next time we pass by Shreveport.”
Mai N.
Coppell, TX

“I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ in Texas, and this is the best I’ve ever had. Don’t let the building stop you or the fact it’s off the beaten path. Well worth the stop!!!”
Jana H.
Abilene, TX

“THIS IS THE PLACE TO STOP! We stopped here on our road trip from Los Angeles after many BBQ places in both Texas and Louisiana but this was our favorite!

The brisket sandwich on jalapeño bun was fantastic — tender, moist and luscious! Also highly recommend the loaded potato but make sure you add the meat.

Papa Clay and his family are wonderful people that make you feel right at home.”
Sophia R.
Los Angeles, CA

“The rib place you’ve been looking for? This is IT. Mr. Clay says they season those darlings three times before we eat them, and they are sublime. Toothsome, moist, and succulent!

Get the mac’n’cheese. It will transport you. The slaw and potato salad are homemade and delish. The baked potato called the “Now and Later” has brisket, sausage, rib tips, turkey, and chicken with a scoop of that homemade mac’n’cheese. I didn’t, but I might next time!!

The Clays are delightful people who really know how to make you feel like family.
Come on, already!!”
Blair C.
Grand Saline, TX

“Amazing barbecue. I had the baked potato with sausage. They also had really good turkey and I didn’t try the ribs but the couple next to me eating them couldn’t stop talking about how good
they were. The owner was there and was incredibly gracious and interesting. I’ll definitely come back here next time I’m in town.”

Zachariah H.
Philadelphia, PA